Several future-related things have popped up on my radar recently so I had to post them to the Information Futurists Caucus discussion list and link them to our account as well.  Here’s a summary:

Social Networking Research

IBM unveiled the IBM Center for Social Software, which brings together the brightest minds from IBM to work with clients, partners, university students and faculty, creating the industry’s premier incubator for the research, development and testing of social software. [Read more at]

Next Decade’s Browser Concept

Aurora is a vision from Mozilla Labs and Adaptive Path of ‘how technology, the browser, and the Web might evolve in the future’. It is a 3-D concept that shows how interaction, sharing, privacy, and handhelds could be handled in 2018. The release of Aurora is part of the launch of Mozilla Labs’ browser concept series, an ongoing initiative to encourage designers and developers to contribute their own visions of the future of the browser and the Web. They’ve released a concept video (also in HD), as well as background material showing just what went into imagining the future of the Web and translating that into a video.

Print on Demand Comes to Libraries

The Chronicles of Higher Education reported on 9/18 that the University of Michigan’s library has installed a print-on-demand device to produce out-of-copyright books for $10 a copy. The device’s manufacturer, On Demand Books, wants to create a network of machines in libraries and bookshops around the world, allowing users to print books from collections anywhere.